Core Modules


Accounting in the business always compels a high degree of accuracy. Flexi Software Accounting module collects data and drafts reports of accounting operations, receivables, cash flows, payables, etc. It provides the organization with the necessary tools to manage financial operations.


The Stock or Inventory module in Flexi Software maintains the details of products and warehouses to track receipt, transfer and delivery of products, optimize stock levels by providing real-time information.


Flexi Software helps to track business opportunities from Leads and Customers, send them Quotations, and book Sales Orders.


Flexi Software helps businesses manage the entire sales order process with ease. It maintains complete documentation in an organized and searchable manner. It covers handling of Customers, Product Bundle, Sales Cycle, Pricing Rule, Discounts and Taxes.


Flexi Software helps organizations with their purchase process. The Software ensures purchasing officers buy the right quantities in the right amount which enhances better cashflow and profitability. It efficiently manages the Purchase Cycle, Supplier Relation, Pricing and Material Management.


This module excelsin recording the intangible deliverables of the business. With Flexi Software in place the entire project management can be effectively

 Human Resources 

This Module manages the entire employee database and maintains the entire processes related to the HR department. The most prominent feature of this
module is the Payroll Entry to generate Salary Slips, other features include, maintaining comprehensive employee database including contact information,
salary details, attendance, performance evaluation, leaves, and appraisal records.


This Support module is paving way for wider opportunities for business growth. It tracks all the all the customer requests and issues and responds at the

earliest. The Support Queries can be tracked through the email. It efficiently keeps record of the issues with the aim of resolving same earnestly.


The business can keep track of its Assets like computers, furniture’s ,vehicles, etc. It enables organizations manage depreciation ,sales and disposals. It keeps the information of the employees using the assets to their location there by maintaining the entire details.


Quality management is the act of overseeing all activities and tasks needed to maintain a desired level of excellence in tasks. Flexi Software Quality module
helps to manage the quality goals, processes, reviews, non-conformances, actions and meetings of the organization.

Website and Customer Portal

Website is the face of any business. Flexi Software helps in easing the work of website creation for the business. There are out-of-the-box integrations available to be used along with Flexi Software like setting up the connection between Flexi Software and an E-commerce site, or payment gateway and more to benefits from its synchronization.

Customer portal focuses in giving the accessibility to all customers involved in the business. This portal allows customers to login and and out information
relevant to them. The customers can trace the communication history of their mails. They can also check order status by logging into the website.


E-Invoicing enables the B2Binvoices to be authorized  by a VAT Network. VAT Providers will help the business to function in such a way that they adhere to the compliance set by the Tax department or Authority. This software can be easily integrated with Flexi to have a non-manual entry of data for the Taxation needs.


The Manufacturing Core Modules provide required features like a Work Order, entry of stock items, creation of a Production Plan and Downtime Entry, management of Bill of Materials for Finished Goods / Template Items, generation of reports, and more. The Flexi Software Manufacturing module is comprehensive enough for complex operations.
The Education Core Modules expand its features to Schools, Institutes and Universities in running the entire system. The student database, Student
Database, Fee Structure, Staffing Information, Courses, Curriculum are all well defined in Flexi Software.
Flexi Software Healthcare Core Modules help you manage your hospital, clinic or practice efficiently by scheduling Appointments, capturing Vitals and
managing medication and investigation orders by recording Patient Encounters. You can easily pull out a Patient’s Medical History anytime to review the
patient’s past conditions and treatments assisting you in providing effective high-quality care.
 It helps to track and record the crops, land, track plant, weather, water and diseases that infect the crops. The Agricultural value chain benefits from our robust solution and provides easy access to much needed food data.

Flexi Software Retail Core Modules help supermarkets, Delivery Companies,  Jewellery Businesses, Pharmacies, Dry-cleaning, Electronic Stores amongst
other businesses manage their inventory, sales process, accounts, CRM and reports.


The Non – profit Core Modules help in every way to accomplish the goal of spreading the kindness across the globe. It manages the operations of all types of

Government Agencies 

Flexi Software serves Government agencies, parastatals and establishments by providing comprehensive document management and asset management systems. We also aid government agencies in the managing office operations and simplifying complex processes.



Flexi Software is available as an on-premises software. Our team consults with your management and staff to understand your organization’s processes as a first step to deployment. We will then install Flexi Software on your Server and through a Local Area Network System. Flexi Software will be operated from the client’s in-house server and computing infrastructure. Flexi Software is also available as a Cloud Based Solution utilizing our Global Server. The Solution will be available online and on a subscription basis.  Flexi Document Management Software is a comprehensive solutions used to receive, track manage and store document and reduce paper. Our software is capable of keeping records of the various versions created and modified by different users Its easy and friendly to use.

Features of Flexi Workflow Based Document Management System:
1. Automatically index the Documents
2. Allow Users to define documents keywords, subjects and extended Profiles.
3. Search for Files by Keywords, Subjects and Departments.
4. View the Contents of Files – through queries of full-text-indexes, keywords and Departments.
5. Edit a File and save it in its original format.
6. Enforce document version controls by automatically saving revised files to new file names.
7. Provision to create master document.
8. Incorporate document security, workflow and logical storage structures for  document.
The Architecture of FLEXI WBDMS Storage Consists of:

1. Doc Room – Consists of Documents Used by Office/Departments/Sub-units and Public.

2. Dockets – A set of Related Documents. 

3. FLEXI WBDMS supports multiple users with access control for document handling.
Documents may be encrypted and stored. Each user is assigned a key to access a document stored
in a Database/Server in Digital formats.

4. Documents can be classified based on Hand Written, Legal Document, Proposal, tender, mailer and so on. Using WBDMS, we can create master list of documents associated with an organization department.

5. Security is implemented at Department Level, User Level, Role
Based and Docket Level. Audit Log on operations performed on a document
by users is maintained.

FLEXI WBDMS supports version control and Archive for documents. Extensive search facilities are provided in FLEXI WBDMS for retrieval of documents. All storage components have size specification and characteristics that can be specified while storing the type of documents.

Hierarchical structure of an organization can be implemented in FLEXI WBDMS to support workflow involved in multi-user document-creation. The department can access the documents based on the Access Rights Provided. Criteria based movement of documents to storage components is supported. Access restriction to documents and storage components can be specified based on criteria.


Flexi asset management is a centralized Web -based work fl ow automation system that allows your organization to track important details about each asset in real time.

This decreases administrative costs, improves service and gives your organization greater visibility into asset utilization, costs and maintenance.

The following are the features of flexi asset management:


Asset classification

This helps with flexible classification of asset into types and groups.

Workflow automation

This helps with process initiation, authorization to monitoring of whatever form of process that has been initiated.


This handles all the processes as regards to requisition process (from initiation to monitoring).

Contract procurement

This helps with internal and external procurement as well as provision of required vouchers.

Vendor management

Provision to manage vendors accounts such as addition, blacklisting, to assigning.

Audit and report

This helps to maintain a log of assets, have an audit trail database and also create a customizable report.

Papercut MF Printing Solutions.

This is a print management software that’s helping organizations to minimize paper wastage while having a secure and easy printing. It comes with features that help to make printing seamless, such as:

Easy Print From all Devices

P a per cut helps with easy printing for end users: It is not selective of devices and as such end users can print from any device. It supports third party integrations and ease of auto deploying of print servers.

 Security of Documents Before, During and After Printing

Protection of documents is a key feature in papercut as it implements certain measures to protect document security; through implementation of secure print release, control of device access, imprint of digital signatures and watermarking of print jobs.

Reduce Waste and Save up on Bills

Papercut is packed with features to help control paper wastage such as ; encouraging duplex printing, implementing reasonable usage quotas, Pay-for-print and print charge back policies.


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